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Welcome to the Health and Fitness Connector Podcast page, the South Shore and South Eastern Mass's newest resource for all things health, fitness and wellness!  We are excited you have chosen to tune in and we look forward to helping you find the right forms of wellness for you!  We will be featuring local companies, coaches, acupuncturists, yoga instructors, personal trainers, etc etc etc!  We will interview these various companies so that you can find out the details you won't find on a google search!  We look forward to helping facilitate your health and fitness journey by finding the right avenues for you!  We will host short interviews with locals who are directly involved to get the details on their services so you can get a true feel for them. 

If you have a suggestion for a local health and fitness company you'd like to hear more about email us at or direct message us on our social media @ptuclinic

May 7, 2018

Join us as Erin Madore, personal trainer, yoga and spin instructor and online business owner, discusses all the benefits of variability in a training program.  Many of us get used to our programs but Erin explains why changing things up is key to maximizing your health.  Find out what she recommends and how she recommends getting it done! 

Erin's discusses how her online company, Grounded Warrior, can give you the variability you need with the convenience of never leaving your home. Use the code ConnectorFreeMonth (case sensitive) to check out how her personal style can help you!  ***note this is an exclusive for our listener's only*** Free workout's for a month? Yes PLEASE!

Erin's brick and mortar location, Savin Hill Fitness Studio, will be opening this Fall, check them out on Facebook!

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